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When the COVID-19 pandemic arrrived in 2020 the events industry was hit very hard. Productions are often created by networks of freelance individuals who work together on an event-by-event basis. There are few large companies, so when events were cancelled many talented individuals were left wondering what next.  Three innovators - Karen, Shaun and Martina, working thousands of miles apart, came together to create something new. This is their story.

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The Klynetic Innovation Journey

A Klynetic approach is one that creates change. It takes into account how people think, act and what they believe. It provides a framework to guide action and it understands that change requires time. It uses that time wisely. Klynetic provides methods to engage people and tools that create co-ordinated, learned behaviours. When this approach is successfully applied it accelerates outcomes. Klynetic Innovation provides a framework for accelerating commercial success for new ideas. It does so by creating a shared language and shared team goals. Defined innovation steps keep everyone on track. These steps are insight, frames, options, teaming & testing and coalition building. The method can then interface with the Klynetic approach for sales and market engagement.

In this video Karen and Shaun explore the steps they have taken and compare them to the Klynetic approach

System Demonstration

In April 2021, the S7REAM digial venue was at an early stage. Though not ready for full launch, I persuaded the team to walk me through some of the main features that they offer early customers. They also explain some of the frames behind their design decisions. They have generously allowed me to share this here. I intend to update this video as the system evolves

Karen's story

Karen Stenning is the founder of Absolute Alchemy, an event's management agency based in Brighton. She specialises in working with purpose-led businesses with a social and environmental agenda. She left a succesful career in charity fund-raising, where she organised high-profile events.  She now owns a company dedicated to event production. When the pandemic hit, all of her business halted. As a company director, she received no assistance from the UK government. Rather than complain she saw this as an opportunity to innovate. Forming a coalition with Shaun and Martina - her business now focusses on merging on-line and off-line event planning.

Martina's story

Martina was a professor in London. She is now a digital nomad working from wherever she happens to be. She plans events and produces music festivals around the world. During the pandemic she found herself in lock-down in Costa Rica. She had previously worked with Shaun and was brought into the coalition to help realise a commercial option for a new digital venue. Having taught herself to code, she has helped lead the technical development by providing an interface for the developers. She has been able to be the co-ordination point between the development team, the requirements for light and sound, the design of an event-experience and the commercial realities of production.

Shaun's story

Shaun Hunter is a master sound and lighting technician with over 20 year's experience. He has led the design, installation and operation of demanding shows and events across the UK and abroad. Now he has his own company called Event7. He has extensive experience including corporate events, high-profile celebrity weddings, political conferences, running the rig at the Hammersmith Apollo, producing stages at Glastonbury and directing international festivals. He works with cameras, lighting, sound and - importantly - how to coach performances from speakers. He brought to the coalition valuable insights to the behind-the-scenes workings of venues. Today he leads the technical planning and event-delivery for S7REAM digital venues.

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