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Released May 2024

This book is aimed at Companies that sell B2B.


There are Seven Capabilities that every company needs to drive top-line growth.

You've heard about sales, promotion, and account management, but how do these fit together, and what else is there? 

Learn about a framework that can bring your top-line management activities into one place.

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You will learn


Sales and Customer Experience

Your reputation is built on what you do for your customers. 

You must execute your sales steps in a coordinated way or you will lose the opportunities you've created

You will get the opportunity to sell when companies know and remember to invite you when their need arises


Your reputation will be key 


 Account, Channel and Partner Management

Relationships matter

How do you systematically learn from your customers and your partners?

What do you do with what you have learned?

How do you maintain your relationships and create your unstoppable position in the eco system?


Competition Watch and Innovation

You can't stagnate

You must keep creating commercially attractive offerings that keep customers happy, address evolving needs and keep your customers from looking elsewhere.

There are seven capabilities that define your company's growth

  • Customer Experience

  • Inside Sales

  • Outside Sales

  • Account Management

  • Innovation

  • Channel and Partner Management

  • Competition Watch

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Capabilities beat competence

Unless you are a one-person business, you must co-ordinate work among people. In order to grow  you will need to systems of structured work that mean people are on the same page and know what to do. 

To drive the top-line you will need seven key capabilities

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