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Xodus Advisory Innovation System

Xodus Advisory has many potential innovations involving energy transition, the financing of projects and restructuring the risk-reward profile for suppliers and partners. A collegiate culture is required to attract talent and foster creativity. Original views are needed for thought leadership. Senior-level talent is necessary for credibility and to network and engage with the client C-Suite. The question answered was: how can the leader gain visibility of progress, focus resources and accelerate commercialisation of innovations while not disrupting the culture, without hiring administration people and without burdening their work-load (to enable them to continue to successfully progress their own innovative breakthroughs)?

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Servelec Controls post MBO strategy

Servelec Controls were the subject of an MBO and there were a number of financiers offering to fund it. The business traditionally focused on the design and construction of automated control systems for large industrial plants. Recently they had found more business helping companies with their on-shore control rooms and real-time data. Was there a way to unlock value potential?

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FlexLife launch new tool

FlexLife designs and builds innovative tools for use on Subsea umbilical cables in offshore oil and gas production.  The new CEO appointed by Investors found that the company had a new tool in development. Existing customer deployment mechanisms included an exclusive marketing and operations agreement with a subsea contractor. This arrangement had a revenue sharing clause. The CEO wanted to decide if they should invest to commercialise the new tool and if so what was the impact of the contractual framework in place?


Resource Partners launch finance product

Resource Partners provided access to expansion capital for government mandated supply of services. Starting with pharmacies they wanted to accelerate their growth into related markets of domiciliary care, care homes and poly-clinics. Sales were not as strong as expected and initiatives were underway to increase the face-to-face selling effort. At the same time, customer-service was mainly manual. This meant growth would prove challenging unless operations were standardized and became simplified just like operations for pharmacies.

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