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E-Consulting Experience

Modern methods guide your team in a carefully curated set of semi-structured experiences which builds their understanding and competence in using a capability led approach. Curated journeys for Leaders and Architects combine to create clarity, understanding and alignment. This combines with excitement, energy and enthusiasm to create an accelerating process of self-powered innovation, productivity and growth.

Focussed use of time

Your team will access a curated set of Micro-learning events which are created using various media types including: Video, Podcast, Presentations and Tools. Each is carefully designed to deliver concentrated information in short bursts.

The combination of time-release, learn-when-you-can and team-co-ordination means that the consulting experience is created without the need to interrupt daily operations.

A carefully selected architect enables you to maintain your internal organisational focus.


Minimum disruption

This process will be run by your people who will learn how and when to use the Klynetic tools and methods. They will learn about capabilities and how to prioritise, design, implement operate, maintain, and expand them.

Your team are busy with their day jobs, so finding excess capacity to design and install a new capability can be challenging. The engineered approach of E-Consulting targets minimal interventions to ways of working and focussing on what matters most.

This way of implementing change not only reduces disruption to your operations, but it also encourages early adoption of new ways of working

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