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leader's agenda

heading in the same direction with the same puropse

agenda based innovation

Throughout the engagement it is important that the organisation is aligned to pursue the Leader’s Agenda. This agenda sets out why the organisation must innovate, the benefits of succeeding, and the consequences for failure. Importantly it also defines the direction and approach the organisation should take.

When I engage with clients, I often find that the Leader's Agenda is not explicitly communicated. When it is, often it is expressed purely in financial terms. While financial outcomes are important, they are a consequence of doing the right things not the cause of doing them. In this respect, while everyone may be able to quote financial targets and assess their post-hoc success, these targets cannot be used for organising, motivating and leading.

Business Meeting

determining your agenda

Before the design phases starts it is important that aims and objectives are clearly defined and agreed.

My engagement process starts by agreeing the Leader's Agenda with you. This is not a tick-box exercise, but instead is a vital part of direction setting. When you engage me, I will work with you to agree your agenda and how it is expressed

Once we agree, I will interview key members of your team to determine their understanding of your agenda. This will guide us by helping us understand where alignment is present, where it is not and what we should do about it.

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