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The Klynetic Approach

valuing your time and reducing disruption

Focussed use of time

The extra time requirements for creating the system reduce as it is deployed. This will result in time being freed up. As your team learns to use the system and its associated tools and methods, it will help guide them to what matters most, and quickly track and communicate progress. This results in system overhead diminishing.

Your team will also experience a reduction in the time wasted in meetings; less duplication of activity; and more focussed resource application.

As they progress deeper into the acceleration phase the amount of time required will reduce still further, resulting in an overall reduction in expended time and accelerated outcomes


Minimum Disruption

Engaging me will result in you achieving the successful installation of an innovation system.

This will be run by your people who will learn from me how and when to use the tools and methods I have developed. They will learn the system and how to: operate it, maintain it, and expand it.

My clients’ people are normally busy with their day jobs, so finding excess capacity to design and install a new process or system can be challenging.  I take an engineer’s approach and target minimal interventions to ways of working. This approach not only reduces disruption to your operations, but it also encourages adoption of new ways of working

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