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4th industrial revolution

The world is changing fast

If you feel that the commercial world is moving much faster than it used to then you are right, it is.

The world around us is rapidly evolving and many industries are experiencing step-change dislocation. The careful optimisation of business systems - honed using management techniques developed over the last 100 years - is no longer enough. These techniques are being subverted by changing expectations from buyers, rapid innovation in products, new supply chain and logistics options, fundamental emerging technologies, and shifting requirements from workers. This is compounded by disruptions to legal, regulatory, social, and political constraints.

Some call this the 4th industrial revolution.

To lead an organisation and be successful will require adaptation, flexibility, and the application of platform technologies. It will require an innovative mindset. To accomplish this at scale requires additional business systems and ways to manage performance.

My system helps you to take practical steps to identify and progress innovative ideas while maintaining the advantages of working together in a co-operating group of people while keeping an eye on commercial realities and the drivers that keep the show on the road.

4th Industrial Revolution: Welcome
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